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Embrapa: Certificação de Propriedades Livres de Brucelose e Tuberculose

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judasanjoy 15 de novembro de 2023 às 01:48

The Brazilian Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa) is offering a certification program to promote sustainable practices in agriculture and fisheries. The program is based on the principles of integrated production, which combines food production with environmental preservation and improved living conditions for producers. The program is awarded by an independent technical commission composed of specialists from various fields. The certification process is divided into two stages: pre-qualification and auditing. The certified properties have access to premium markets, reduced costs, and a better image. The program aims to promote positive changes in agriculture and fisheries, but it is essential for producers to implement sustainable practices based on their conditions and objectives. Some suggestions for improving the program include expanding it to include other productive activities, offering more incentives for sustainable practices, making it more accessible to small producers, and implementing these suggestions to make the program more effective in promoting sustainability in agriculture and fisheries. Commercial Contract Disputes

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